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Yes, Physical Therapy Can Help Headaches

Common sense tells you that knee pain or back pain can be treated with physical therapy ... but did you know physical therapy can treat headaches, too? Often headaches are caused by imbalances from postural or muscular weaknesses, so reestablishing balance there can really help headaches. The muscles along your neck often get weak just because of what you're subjected to each day with working at a desk, having poor posture, etc. This leads to poor head posture overall, which can cause headaches. Physical therapy can assist with reestablishing balance by modality treatment including ultrasound and soft tissue work to loosen the tension in neck muscles. Even if you suffer from chronic migraines or have a neurological disorder that causes headaches, physical therapy can help. Tune in as Brianna Hoffarth, DPT, explains how physical therapy treats headaches. 

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