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What Does a Physical Therapist Do for Vertigo?

Vertigo affects every 9 out of 100 older adults. In fact, it is one of the most common things older adults go into the ER for. There are a variety of things that can cause dizziness, so if you’re questioning what is going on it is good to have it checked out. If you feel like you’re spinning or like your head is spinning it is often coming from an inner ear problem.Your inner ear has a lot to do with your balance. There are crystals in the ear that help our bodies establish where we are in space. When we move, the crystals move with us – when they move differently or not the same as us, dizziness and imbalance is caused. Physical Therapy can help to reposition the crystals back into place and essentially dizziness. Older adults are more susceptible to vertigo, especially if they’ve experienced a head injury or an ear infection. Depending on the case, some patients feel better after seeing a physical therapist once, and some need to come in several times. Tune in as Physical Therapist Nichole Roikoexplains how vertigo works and how Williams can help you feel better.

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