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What to Do For a Sprained Ankle to Speed Your Recovery

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It’s basketball season, and our athlete roster is filling up with injuries of all kinds in central Minnesota. Due to the high impact of this sport, sprained ankles are a common injury this time of year.

A sprain is typically caused by the ankle join being forced outside its normal range of movement. Inflammation, swelling, and bruising are possible side effects of a sprained ankle. No matter the severity of the sprain, the initial recommended treatment is to use the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method. This approach can relieve pain and swelling, and promote healing. Most sprains heal within a few weeks, so it’s important to keep inflammation, swelling, and pain to a minimum and get your ankle joint back to normal as quickly as possible.

Listen as Dominic Turner, Doctor of Physical Therapy shares ways you can help reduce your chance of an ankle sprain.

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