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What Can Cause Low Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain and More?

If you have back pain, hip pain, or leg pain, the source may be your sacroiliac joint. This joint is a very unique one, located where the base of your spine and pelvis come together. The sacroiliac joint has a very small range of motion, and does not use a bending movement, but more of a gliding motion. Pain in this joint is usually caused by too much mobility in the joint or too little movement of the joint – both can be very painful for a number of muscles and ligaments in your body. It can be difficult to diagnose sacroiliac joint problems, but there are different tests and injections that may help. Physical therapy can also alleviate a lot of the pressure and pain caused by this type of joint pain. Listen to Nichole Roikodiscuss various treatments and stretches that may help you feel better.

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