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Tennis and Golfer Elbow Treatment

“Tennis Elbow” and “Golfer Elbow” are not specific to those participating in tennis or golf, but rather a term associated with the type of pain caused in your elbow. Tennis or Golf Elbow a type of tendonitis in your elbow causing tightness and tenderness in your forearm, and is usually a result of repetitive activity putting stress on the muscles and tendons in our elbow. The differentiator between Tennis elbow and Golf elbow is where it is located. Tennis elbow is pain in the muscles from the back of your hand up your forearm, and Golfers elbow is pain in the muscles on the inside of the arm. When thesemuscles are strained or overused, it can cause inflammation and eventually be extremely painful and uncomfortable, especially when it begins to go down to your wrist. You’ll most likely feel the majority of pain in the elbow, but when working through the pain andstrengthening during physical therapy you’ll realize there is some muscle tightness and weakness in the forearm as well. Because this is an over-use injury, proper care – rest, braces, and lifestyle changes can be particularly crucial to healing and minimizing pain. Listen here toDoctor of Physical Therapy, Brianna Hoffarth explains common treatments and the recovery process for your tennis and golfers elbow issues.

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