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Strength for Winter Sports

Especially if you or your child is not a fall-sport athlete, jumping right into your winter sports and activities can be strenuous and straining on your muscles, joints, and body overall. Back pain and stress is particularly common this time of year for young athletes. While some issues may seem like ‘growing pains’ or ‘soreness’, proper healing and strengthening early can prevent you from making an injury worse, and causing the athlete to have to sit out for a long period of time later on. Another way to ensure strength is kept top-notch throughout the season is coming in before injury occurs for preventative care. For example, if you have weak ankles or pulled your hamstring last season – coming in for a little strengthening and care before your season gets too deep in can save you a lot of pain and frustration later. Always make sure you have a routine sports physical done. Our goal as physical therapists and as care providers at Williams Integracare are helping you maintain the best, most healthy quality of life possible for you so that you can participate in the things you love and enjoy every minute of it. The sooner you address the aches and pains (even if they seem minor) the sooner they can get back to feeling 100% and get back on the ice, floor, gym, or slopes. Tune in as Doctor of Physical Therapy Brianna Hoffarth explains what, how, and when you can keep your body feeling its best.

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