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Spinal Traction, Not as Scary as its Name Suggests

Despite its somewhat scary name, spinal traction can be a very good thing! Spinal traction is a treatment used frequently by physical therapists at Williams Integracare Clinic. It is a process using controlled force to help draw apart the spinal joints, reducing the compressing forces on your spinal structures. At Williams, this treatment can be done manually, or using the spinal traction machine. To ensure the patient is always relaxed and comfortable, they are given a button when using the traction machine in case they would like to stop the treatment or decrease the amount of force being used. People with herniated discs, neck pain or lower back pain are great candidates for traction. When these patients get a “pull” from the traction it changes the pressures inside various discs in their body to help ease things back into place. Those who are not candidates for this treatment are people with osteoporosis, factures in the neck or back, who have had a recent spinal surgery, those who are pregnant and those with cancer. As with any treatment option, a physical therapy assessment is completed so that you get the most out of your treatment. Tune in as Physical Therapist Dominic Turner explains further how spinal traction works and what it can do for you.

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