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Sore Knee? Does it Need to be Replaced?

Chronic knee pain is a real concern. This occurs when the knee hurts nearly all of the time. Sitting. Getting out of bed. Moving around, and difficulty with walking where the knee gives out. If you're experiencing those symptoms, you might be a candidate for a knee replacement. Things to consider: age. Knee replacements last only 10 - 15 years before they need to be replaced again. And, "replacement" might not be the right word, technically. The surface of the knee joint that has the degeneration or arthritis is replaced with metal or plastic components. At Integracare, we start with the conservative approach first which includes physical therapy after an initial consult. From there, we might do injections to see if that calms it down. Bracing can help reduce pressure off the knee, too. If all of those combined treatments don't fully address the chronic knee issues, a knee replacement might be your next step. Of course, with any kind of reconstructive surgery comes physical therapy, and we're here for you for that phase, too. Tune in as Dominic Turner DPT, explains knee replacement surgery and rehabilitation. 

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