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Shoulder Injuries: A Variety of Issues

It's summertime. Also known as golf, tennis, yard work, and frisbee season. We've seen a wide variety of shoulder injuries at Integracare this summer, ranging from bicep tendonitis, rotator cuff strains, impingement syndrome, to general pain. The first thing we do is evaluate the patient to determine level of pain, affected range of motion, and what current daily activities they're enduring that might be causing or aggravating the issue. Shoulders are harder to treat because they're a complex joint. Taking stock what hurts when you do it (lifting kids, reaching behind you in a vehicle) will help us determine issue and treatment. Part of physical therapy is retraining yourself to do your daily activities smarter. You know you have to bend, move, and manipulate yourself to handle daily activities. Doing so consciously will reduce pain and injury. Tune in as Brianna Hoffarth DPT explains how to manage your shoulder pain and injury. 

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