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Selective Functional Movement Assessment

A selective functional movement assessment takes your entire body into consideration during a whole body screen. A top-tier examination begins at the neck and assesses movements and mobility on different planes. From there, spinal, knee, and even ankle functions are included in the assessment to determine what’s affecting said hip. Is the pain or inability affecting you asymmetrically, or side to side? Is there decreased range of motion, motor control, or lack of strength? These factors are all measured during the scan. A selective functional movement assessment is complex, more in-depth way of looking at things. Your body has a natural tendency to compensate for things that aren’t correct, and there’s a chance you might not even be aware of the adjustments being made. You should never have to move with dysfunction, or ever deal with pain. This treatment is available for everyone regardless of age or issue, whether the pain is chronic or acute. The time invested in such a procedure mirrors a standard physical therapy evaluation- around 30 minutes. The doctor will begin the assessment with a routine orthopedic exam and the selective functional movement assessment will allow the provider to determine the cause of pain and what remedies will address restoring mobility, stability, motor control, and strengthening. Don’t know why you’re experiencing pain or how to alleviate it? Tune in as Nichole Roiko, Doctor of Physical Therapy, explains how a selective functional movement assessment can benefit you.

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