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Recovery Physical Therapy for Neck and Low-Back Pain

The DMR method, short for Decompress, Mobilize and Rehabilitate, is a non-surgical procedure designed to relieve neck pain as well as lower back pain that is often associated with disk herniation and other back pain. This method requires no surgery and no medication. The DMR method is a program Williams has continued to develop to combine various forms of treatment to help properly treat and alleviate pain. DMR routines typically consist of 20-24 visits, depending on your situation and progress over time. DMR starts with light stretching and light strengthening until you get to a point where pain has decreased and you’re feeling more stable. After improving range of motion, professionals at Williams will help you to strengthen muscles with stretches and exercises personalized to your pain and body. DMR helps to separate and stretch your vertebrae so that more space is created, decreasing the possibility of pinched nerves and inflamed discs. Tune in as Doctor of Physical Therapy, Brianna Hoffarthexplains the ins and outs of the DMR Method.

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