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With the oversaturation of media messages about how to live a healthy life, making changes to your lifestyle can be overwhelming and difficult. One of the most popular messages we hear about is eating healthier. Make small, realistic changes so that over time you begin to form habits for a healthier life. Work toward eliminating sugar from your diet, or minimizing it as much as possible. A great tip for grocery shopping is to shop the exterior of the store where the natural, fresh food is located. If you are buying shelf or boxed items, try to buy food with ingredients you know and understand. If something sounds questionable, it probably is. Another tip for eating healthy is eating fruits and veggies. While fresh is always healthiest, canned veggies are better than no veggies at all – the more variety of color in your diet, the better. Last, and also important – drink water. Water makes up a big part of your body and keeps you feeling great and helps your body function as best it can. Listen here as Dr. Ryan Granroth explains how a healthy, varied diet, are essential to maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle and help you feel better.

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