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Prevent a Summer Sports Injury

In general, individuals are much more active in the summer. Especially when water and ‘summer toys’ are involved, injuries can be extremely common. Despite what you may think, landing on water after wakeboarding, skiing, or tubing can cause a concussion – consider wearing a helmet for your safety. The speed of your boat and force of impact on the water can cause much more damage than you might expect. Before you strap on your board or skis, make sure you stretch your muscles and prepare your body for the tensions and strenuous activity on your muscles. If you’re sedentary during the week (or winter), but like to participate in some more demanding physical activity during the summer or the weekends, make sure you’re preparing your body for it by doing some strengthening! Tune in as Doctor of Physical Therapy Brianna Hoffarth gives some helpful tips for preventing summer sports injuries.

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