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Prevent Falls with Hip Strengthening Exercises

As we age, it can be difficult to admit that we may not be as strong as we once were, or that we need help with everyday activities that used to come easy to us. With elderly individuals, balance can be an issue that should never be ignored, as slips and falls can be very dangerous to their health. Physical Therapist experts have a series of tests they can walk through with seniors to test their balance and strength skills. Though it may be hard, it is important for a senior’s health to assess their muscle strength and work to build hip strength to prevent falls and injuries. Physical Therapists start easy with simple stretches while individuals lay down and do some leg raises or bridges to strength for stability. A good tip we always share with elderly patients is to be conscious of how things are set up at home. Make sure rugs are not slippery or located in places where you might trip on them, or rolling chairs aren’t used on an unstable surface. Listen here as Doctor of Physical Therapy Brianna Hoffarth explains more strengthening exercises and preventative tips.

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