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Physical Therapy for Dancers

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What is dance physical therapy, you ask? It’s quite simply physical rehabilitation focused on assessment, prevention, treatment, and management of dance related injuries. Spring dance camps are taking place in Central Minnesota. If you are a dancer and experience pain, a previous or new dance injury, get ahead of your treatment now before you are in prime dance season. Don’t struggle to perform your best sometimes, stay on top of your performance at all times.

Dancers are athletes, and the demands on the body are specific and focused. Exercises and stretches for dancers are unique and require a specialized dance physical therapy expert. In today’s Dr.’s In segment, our resident physical therapist shares her knowledge base in the art and technique of dance. Tune in as lifelong dancing enthusiast, Dr. Brianna Hoffarth talks about how and why it’s important to establish a relationship with a physical therapist during the on and off season of dancing. 

A treatment Plan as Unique As You are.

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