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Pain in Legs Caused by Shoveling Snow

Especially for those of us in Minnesota, we know how tiring the winter months can be – particularly when it comes to shoveling, snow blowing and more. Two of the most common injuries during the winter are lumbar strains (a tear or strain in your muscles) or a disc injury. With a disc injury in particular, pain is usually felt in the legs, but is signs of more serious disc trouble – if you experience this pain and it persists, don’t wait to see a doctor. Shoveling snow can be harmful to your body as it combines the 3 worst things for your back: bending, twisting and lifting. Always remember to bend at your knees, and push the snow straight forward. Keep in mind it is a good idea to stretch before shoveling, and if you’re in pain – stop, take a break, put some ice on it and take it easy. Tune in as Ryan Granroth, Doctor of Chiropractic, explains how you can avoid damage during the winter season (even while ice fishing!), and what you can do for common injuries.

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