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Though you may only think of chiropractors when it comes to back, shoulder, or neck pain, there are a multitude of different conditions that can respond to chiropractic care. In general, the body and brain communicate back and forth with each other through the series of nerve systems throughout your body. When those nerves are open and healthy they communicate well and things in your body work well. However, when there is an interruption in the communication line, you begin to experience pain and your body may not function properly. Any type of treatment to remove the irritation from your body, such as chiropractic care, can help eliminate not only pain, but tension and stress as well. In fact, a patient may come in forback pain and not realize that their pain is causing stomach issues that lead to constipation or acid reflux – having a chiropractic adjustment and treatment can solve not just pain, but internal problems too. Listen here as one of our Central MN Doctors of Chiropractic, Michael Milbauer, explains various treatment options for infants, children and adults and how you can make the most of your chiropractic care.

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