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Osteoarthritis: What to Know

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Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis that affects your knees, hips, spine and sometimes even your thumbs. This can often be painful, especially for your joints. It affects people in their mid-40’s to early 50’s. Paying attention to your body is crucial and it is important to know the difference between simple aches and actual arthritis. If it is indeed arthritis, physical therapy is a great way to manage your pain.

The goal of physical therapy is to improve range of motion, muscle strength, and physical condition. It’s a treatment method to retrain your body to move to the best of its ability after an injury or illness. Physical therapy helps improve or restore your physical function and fitness level

Dominic Turner, Physical Therapist here at William’s Integracare, has 16 years of PT experience in various settings and is giving us the run-down on how to recognize and treat osteoarthritis. 

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