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October is Physical Therapy Month!

National Physical Therapy Month helps to create awareness about PT, how it works, and what it can do for you, your family, and your bodies. October is a great month to talk about Physical Therapy in Central MN for several reasons. First off, fall sports are in full swing and many sustained injuries heal best with a physical therapy routine. Also, we’re getting ready for the colder weather and many of our bodies need a ‘tune up’ or some conditioning if they’ve tried to be a weekend warrior. Most types of PT are reactive, or after an injury has occurred. However, our physical therapists at Williams Integracare will help set you up with a preventative and maintenance routine to decrease chances of being injured again in the future. A good PT rule of thumb is to stretch before and after physical activity and strenuous routines. Physical Therapy has grown over the last several years as our aging adults continue striving for the best possible health. Tune in as Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nichole Roiko, explains the ins and outs of Physical Therapy.

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