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No Pain, No Gain- Is it a Myth?

If you're training for an event or getting in shape, it's likely you'll feel some pain as your muscles and joints get used to the activity. Feeling the burn, or pushing through the physical pain of your last few repetitions or miles can be okay for your body. It also can have a negative impact on your body where your joints are concerned. If you have acute pain in your hip, knee, or ankle, stop what you're doing. You should never push through that kind of pain. If you have general muscle soreness that doesn't prevent you from performing normal activities like standing, walking, or sleeping, you should be okay to continue to train or compete. Use your best judgement. The same mentality applies to physical therapy if you're being treated for an injury or pain. Feeling the burn has zero application to physical therapy. Your physical therapist's job is to conduct a proper evaluation and educate you on your symptoms and diagnosis. Your rehabilitation process will outline what is expected of you and what pain, if any, to expect during treatment. If you are too agressive with your prescribed rehab, you'll experience a setback in progress or significant flare-up of symptoms. Following your provider's exact instructions is crucial to recovery. Stretching and strengthening excercises are meant to be followed carefully so you don't further injure yourself or irritate the nerves of your spine. Tune in as Dominic Turner, PT explains how you can positively influence your recovery by being patient and listening to your body through rehabilitation. 

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