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Never-ending Cold or Allergies? Get a Skin Allergy Test to Find Out

Sniffling, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes… it’s not fun! Sometimes it is hard to tell whether what you’re experiencing is a common, viral cold, or an allergic reaction. Allergies are most often season-related, being most predominant in the fall and spring. If you’re not feeling great and have a hunch that it’s allergies keeping you down, an allergy skin test might be just the trick for finding the source. Most allergens and doctors conduct a simple skin test to check for allergy triggers. In a skin test there are up to 60 different components that can be tested for. The test is applied using a small, plastic device with various antigens. The device is applied to your skin (it isn’t painful, but does give you a quick pinch), and tests the reaction of 7-8 different elements at a time. As a result of the test, your skin’s reactions will be able to tell you and your doctor exactly what it is that you’re allergic to. There are a number of foreign substances as well as household items that may be causing an uncomfortable reaction. Listen in with Dr. Mark Halstrom to learn how a skin test works, and why it might be your solution.

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