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Know the Difference: Sprain vs. Strain

Do you know the difference between spraining your ankle and simply straining it? It’s more than just the amount of pain you’re experiencing – it has to do with what’s going on with muscles, tissues, and ligaments.  A sprain involves a ligament – the tissue that connects bones to bones. Sprains can occur from rolling an ankle, impact, or misalignment from injury. The best way to assess your ankle injury is seeing a doctor and possibly having an x-ray done. If you can’t “walk it off” or are still experiencing pain, it’s probably a sprain. There are more ways to treat a sprained ankle aside from icing, raising it and decreasing use. For full recovery and decreased pain you’ll want to see a doctor and/or physical therapist in St. Cloud to work on balance, mobility and strength. Most sprains are fluke accidents, but if you know you have weak ankles take extra caution and consider wearing a support. Don’t wait too long to treat a painful ankle! Listen here as Doctor of Physical Therapy Nichole Roikoexplains ankle injury and solutions to help you feel better.

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