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Knee Brace Functionality

If you still want to be active but aren't completely healed from a knee injury, a knee brace might be your best bet. If you have a chronic issue like osteoarthritis and aren't ready for a knee replacement, a knee brace provides you with another option. It will help relieve pain and get you back into some of your daily activities. If you have degeneration on one side, a knee brace will help eliminate some of the pressure and weight. Some knee braces are bulky and don't fit under your clothing, but new advancements have been introduced like a webbed brace. You can be custom fit at Integracare to ensure proper fit. Knee braces can be used in accordance with both chiropractic and physical therapy treatments. An injury like ACL or MCL tears involving the ligaments also require a knee brace to help stabilize as you go through rehab. Post recovery, a knee brace will help protect a relapse or re-injury. Tune in as Nichole Roiko, DPT explains how knee braces can assist you through recovery. 

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