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An Integrated Care Clinic is Ideal for Sports Injury

In Central MN, hockey and dance are both very popular competitive sports activities. Though they are very different they both have the risk of significant and severe injuries. Dance is very strenuous on muscles and almost all injuries are different. Hockey can cause a great deal of lower body, shoulder, neck, back and groin injuries as well as concussions. In fact, while playing hockey almost any joint in the body can be injured. When you or your child is injured during a sporting event, it is essential that they be evaluated and begin treatment as soon as possible. Not only for their physical health, but a decreased lag time between the injury, treatment and allowing them to play again will help their overall attitude. Finding a healthcare provider like Williams Integracare can be just what you need; you can have an evaluation done and be appropriately referred to a doctor or chiropractor for concussion treatment or adjustment, or a physical therapist for strengthening and rehabilitation – all under one roof! Tune in as Doctor of Chiropractic, Ryan Granroth explains how an integrated clinics are best for sports injuries.

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