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The Importance of Physical Therapy Home Exercise Programs

After you’ve visited with one of our expert Physical Therapists and had an evaluation, you will probably be given a home exercise routine to complete, based on what your body and muscles need. Physical therapy home exercise programs are based on what you’re able to do at home – you don’t necessarily need to have a home-gym, a gym membership or fancy equipment. These exercise programs can be done at home, and with items you have around the house. We encourage patients to aim for 15-20 minutes of stretching and strengthening each day to minimize pain and activate and build muscles. Home exercise routines sometimes require your full attention, but many of them can be done while you are doing other things like brushing teeth, watching TV or sitting at your desk. Listen as Nichole Roiko, Doctor of Physical Therapy explains how these programs can help you to continually feel healthy and strong.

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