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The Importance of Core Strength

Think of your body divided into two halves. The area in between the two is considered your core. Your abdominals, hip flexors, hip rotaters, glutes, and back muscles comprise your core. Your core is activated by nearly every single move your body makes, it's that integral to your body's function. Many people assume it's just about the abdominals, when in reality, they're just part of the bigger picture. Sedentary lifestyles inhibit core strength, so it's imperative to have activity in daily life to work all those muscles. Exercising even 15-30 minutes a day can improve core strength and prevent injury. Flexibility is also a big part of the core. Stregthening exercises will also increase range of motion, and ease at which your core moves and supports the rest of your body. At Williams Integracare, we utilize core stregthening exercises with patients who have back issues, hip injuries, knee injuries... it all plays a role with stregthening your core - it's essential to spine health. Weak and unbalanced core muscles can leave you susceptible to poor posture, poor balance, muscle injuries, and back pain. It's more than sit-ups and crunches which primarily work the front abdominal injuries. Work your hips, back, and backside to really stabilize your core muscles. Don't wait for an injury or issue, contact us to learn prevention tactics and exercises that will stregthen your core and support your entire body's healthy functions. Tune in as Dominic Turner, PT explains how vital a strong core is to everyday health.

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