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How to Treat Leg Pain Caused By a Hamstring Injury

Your hamstring is the muscle on the back of you thigh that starts at your pelvis and goes down behind your knee. This muscle helps you bend you knee and extend your hip comfortably. There are many ways to pull your hamstring; some are preventable and few are not. The most common hamstring injuries come from sports that involve a lot of fast stops and extending of muscles – hockey, track, basketball, dance, soccer – you get the idea. The main way for athletes to prevent hamstring injury is by taking time to stretch and thoroughly warm up before engaging in physical activity. Some hamstring injuries are caused by slips and falls that aren’t necessarily preventable. The stronger your muscles are and the more in shape you are, the less likely you are to injure your hamstring. If you think you’ve hurt your hamstring, but are able to walk it off or rest it and feel better in a day or two, chances are it was a mild over-stretch. However, if you cannot put weight on your leg or cannot walk or sit and see any bruising, it may be a torn hamstring – in which case you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Click to listen to Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nichole Roiko explain how to strengthen your muscles and what treatments can help you recover from hamstring injuries.

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