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How to Shovel Snow

Although this is something discussed every year when the snow begins to blow, it continues to be an important topic as low back pain, neck pain, and back pain become common and even severe when shoveling is involved. There are many ways you can prevent injury when you’re shoveling snow. One tip is always dress warm. The cold weather automatically tightens muscles, making them more susceptible to injury. Although you may break a sweat from the workout that shoveling feels like, it is important to bundle up. Also, make sure you stretch your muscles before you go out to shovel. If you take a few minutes to stretch, your muscles will work more efficientlyand help decrease the possibility of strain. The next tip is a common one; shovel early and often. Don’t wait until it’s done snowing and it gets heavy and frozen – shoveling a little at a time saves you (and your back) a lot of pain. Always push the snow instead of lifting it when possible. Other common tips are make sure you’re lifting properly (with your legs), and bend at the knees and hips and not your back. Make sure you’re not twisting repeatedly and take a break when you need it – don’t overdo it! If you’re not one to head out with a shovel, warm up the snowblower and make sure you’re ready, bundled, and warmed up. Tune in as Dominic Turner, Physical Therapist, explains more snow shoveling tips and why they’re important.

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