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How Does Kinesio Tape Work?

Kinesio tape is a method of muscle treatment that helps to guide a natural healing process while supporting and stabilizing muscles. Kinesio tape is not as restrictive as an athletic tape and is not quite like an ace-bandage. The adhesiveness of the tape helps to hold muscles in place without restriction, and the stretchiness of the kinesio tape is similar to the flexibility of the muscles.When applied, the tape helps to guide and remind your muscles of how to move and what form to use. Kinesio tape can be used to support a joint, activate a muscle, inhibit a muscle, relax a muscle, decrease swelling or weakness and more. The tape can be used almost anywhere: shoulders, neck, back, hips, knees, elbows – if there is a muscle, kinesio tape can be applied. Kinesio tape is applied as part of an overall physical therapy treatment that incorporates stretching and exercises. Click to listen as Nichole Roiko, Doctor of Physical Therapy in St. Cloud, explains how the tape works to help you feel better and what it can do for your body.

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