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Healthy Traveling with Probiotics

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Your body is more at risk to a wide variety of bacteria not normally exposed to when you travel. Travel can involve lack of sleep, more eating out, extra germs, change of weather ... you get the idea. While you’re away from home, your immune system is not optimally functioning. Pair this with unfamiliar pathogens and it’s a recipe for getting sick. And, that’s certainly not enjoyable when you’re on vacation.

Probiotics help to battle bloat, and restock your intestines with good bacteria. They can help reduce the risk of traveler’s diarrhea, flu, the common cold, and other upper respiratory infections. Including probiotics in addition to your daily vitamins and supplements, even when you aren’t traveling, is a good way to support your immune system and ward off potential sickness.

Listen as Michael Milbauer, Doctor of Chiropractor provides tips on how to incorporate probiotics before, during, and after traveling.

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