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Healthcare: Insurance & Costs

Healthcare coverage has changed a lot in the past few years. With high-deductible insurance plans becoming the norm, people are becoming more discerning when it comes to medical office visits. In that scenario, people must pay for their healthcare costs themselves, out of pocket, before insurance kicks in. That can be great because it places the onus on patients to take better care of themselves, to potentially avoid office visits. There is a downside to high-deductible plans though. People tend to wait to be seen, whether it's for high blood pressure, a bad back, whatever it is. They wait until they're in crisis mode before they go in because of the costs associated with the visit(s). When in doubt, chiropractic is a good option for those minding their insurance plans. The rate for a chiropractic appointment is often much less than a medical doctor visit, and can be a good starting point for patients looking to feel better, overall. Tune in as Michael Milbauer, DC explains how insurance plans shouldn't be the driving force behind choosing to not seek medical care when needed. 

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