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Healthcare Coverage for Chiropractic Care

To answer your question right off the bat –chiropractic care in St. Cloud is covered by just about everybody. Like other procedures that change in coverage, acupuncture coverage can vary; some years it is covered by nearly everyone, some years it isn’t covered by hardly anyone. Currently, insurance is very good about covering acupuncture care. The tricky part about coverage for chiropractic care is that sometimes it covers you while you’re “broken” or injured, and then doesn’t always cover the maintenance or regular care and treatment. Maintenance therapy helps to prevent disease, promote health, enhance the quality life, and maintain chronic conditions – sadly this is not always considered to be “medically necessary”. At our clinic in central MN, we do what we can to make treatments and services manageable for our patients. Listen here as Doctor of Chiropractic, Michael Milbauer explains how Williams Integracare can not only help your body feel better, but will make you comfortable with your healthcare coverage.

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