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Get Lower Back Pain Relief Without Surgery

From time to time, surgery comes before physical therapy or chiropractic care- which is almost always backwards. Surgery is an expensive route to take, and in some cases can be avoided if you start with more conservative care methods. Back pain is one such example. There aremany different alternatives to back surgery, and studies have shown the best, most effective way to alleviate that pain is through exercise, spinal manipulation, and chiropractic adjustments. While there are some instances where insurance companies don’t cover chiropractic care and maintenance but will cover surgery, there is a shift toward encouraging conservative care methods. Some insurance companies are requiring a month of conservative care (chiropractic adjustmentsphysical therapy, etc.) before they will cover tests or surgical treatments. If an individual is encouraged to see a chiropractor before they pay for MRIs and other expensive tests, they can save themselves time, money, and stress. If your pain is not properly managed from the beginning, strong and medication can become involved – which can be detrimental to your health. Listen here, as Doctor of Chiropractic Michael Milbauer explains how you can get relief without surgery.

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