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Find Out How to Get Rid of a Headache

There are many different things that can cause and contribute to a headache. If you have tighter neck muscles and tend to carry the majority of your stress in your upper shoulders, you may experience headache frequently. Another very common cause of headache pain is your posture. An imbalance in the muscles you’re using to support your head and neck can create weaknesses and pain. Especially if your headache pain is coming from the back of your skull, it most often indicates that you’re slouching. If you straighten your posture and tuck your chin back, you may be able to feel instant relief. The chin-tuck exercise is just one of the stretches you can do to help relieve headache pain. This exercise helps to stretch muscle and strengthen them while reminding you to sit up straight and maintain proper posture. With various recommendations, a physical therapist can help you to stretch your tight muscles and strengthen the weaker ones so that you are able to spend less time with a headache. Another good rule of thumb is to always drink a lot of water – dehydration is also a headache-causing culprit. Tune in as Physical Therapist Brianna Hoffarth explains ways to manage headaches, and when you need to seek professional help. 

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