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The Downside of Antibiotics

Now that cold and flu season is in full-swing, staying healthy is on our mind more than ever. Not only does staying healthy mean feeling strong and healthy, but it can also mean avoiding antibiotics. Don’t get us wrong, antibiotics can do some wonderful things for your body when needed, but there is a downside to them. There are several side effects of antibioticsexperienced by the individual taking them. If you’re one of those who head to the clinic every time you sniffle or cough – that’s great that you’re proactive – but when you regularly take antibiotics, and early on, your body never has a chance to learn how tostrengthen your system and fight things off on its own. In essence, the antibiotics leave your body more susceptible to infection and illness. Studies have also shown that toddlers who use antibiotics for earaches and infections are three times more likely to have recurring illnesses in the ear. Again, if you can wait a few days, your body will start to strengthen itself and build a tough immune system. After a few days, come in for a chiropractic adjustment to relieve symptoms or take an over the counter aid to help subside uncomfortable symptoms. One of the biggest downsides to antibiotics perhaps, is that they wipe out all bacteria in the body – not just the bad, but the good bacteria too. There are ways you can offset some of the downsides of antibiotics; getting enough sleep, getting regular spinal adjustments, getting adequate exercise, eating properly – things you do to maintain regular health. Tune in as Doctor of Chiropractic, Michael Milbauer explains the downsides of antibiotics in-depth and how to avoid them.

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