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Cold Weather Joint Pain Isn’t Just In Your Head

If you ever have the feeling that your muscles are getting stiffer or your arthritic pain seems to flare up when the seasons change, you’re not crazy. Various temperature fluctuations and shifts in bariatric pressure can cause a variety of problems in your body. While some of us have the instinct to rest or immobilize ourselves when we experience pain, the best think you can actually do is to continue moving. Especially if you’re experiencing muscles stiffness, stretch it out! Because arthritis is a degenerative breakdown in the joints and cannot necessarily be reversed, strengthening can help to slow its progression and better manage the pain that comes with it. Every case is different, but generally our bodies respond best to movement. Stopping movement altogether restricts muscles and motion further, increasing tightness and pain. If you seek the proper help when you experience pain, you can begin to properly manage and treat it before it becomes unbearable for you. Click to listen Physical Therapist Brianna Hoffarth further explain how your joints are affected by the weather and what you can do about it.

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