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Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy and Infants

Chiropractic care isn’t limited to adults of a certain age; in fact a lifetime of chiropractic care can begin in the womb for children.  Pregnancy can be hard on women’s bodies, and routine chiropractic care can be considered part of prenatal care. Research shows labor and delivery have been positively impacted by prenatal chiropractic care, helping the mother stay calm and collected while trusting her body to do what it’s intended for. Chiropractors also enjoy being part of children’s health and wellnessafter birth- to impact kids as they go through different phases of development. Often, parents feel overwhelmed with managing the different stages of growth their babies go through, and rapidly. Chiropractors can offer insight on neurological developments and milestones while educating parents. For example, if a child starts walking at eight months old, parents might feel elation or pride at their child’s development. In reality, chiropractors wish to see the child stay on the floor longer, to better their crawling skills. A cross-crawl pattern where one side of the child’s body goes up in forward motion, and then the opposite side goes up is extremely important to brain development. Through this, the brain’s two sides work together to communicate, prompting the body to move correctly. This process might also increase a child’s aptitude for intelligence and athleticism. When a chiropractor assesses a child in this phase of life, they ultimately put positive input into the body to help them mature in sequential order that is appropriate. This is extremely important and can go by the wayside often. Concerning other ailments and maladies children might experience as they continue to develop, continuing chiropractic care offers insight from a holistic standpoint. If the chiropractor cannot further assist or aid in children’s development, they’ll work with the family to ensure they have other resources available for the child’s care. Tune in as Kjersten J. Jones, D.C. explains how you can positively support your children's development through chiropractic care.

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