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Chiropractic Adjustments for Newborns

The birthing process can be very traumatic – not just for Mom, but for the baby’s body. No matter how well the birthing process goes, a chiropractic adjustment might be just what your newborn needs. The sooner you can get your little one in for an assessment, the better; St. Cloud Chiropractic professionals at Williams Integracare have treated infants as young as two weeks old. Getting your newborn’s spine and alignment checked soon after birth is best, as babies bodies respond immediately when they are beginning to grow. A chiropractic adjustment can open up their nervous systems and adjust their muscles and spine to ensure their body is properly aligned and working properly to enhance development. An adjustment can minimize your infant’s acid reflux, chronic ear infection or even help if they are colicky. If you’re a new mom, or are about to be – don’t let the thought of an adjustment scare you. Tune in as Kjersten Jones, a chiropractor at Williams Integracare, explains how the gentle, unique treatment can help your baby live life happy and healthy.

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