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Certain Athletes are More Prone to Hip Joint Injuries

The acetabular (tricky, but fun to say!) islocated in your hip, and your hip is a ball and socket joint – much like your shoulder. A hip (acetabular) labral tear is damage to cartilage and tissue in the hip socket. In some cases, it causes pain in the groin and can make you feel like your leg is "catching" or "clicking" in the socket as you move it. Most labal tears in the hip happen in the anterior, or front of the hip. A lot of individuals have this injury without realizing what exactly it is. Hockey players, soccer players, football players and ballet dancers are more prone to this injury due to the motions they engage in. However, this injury can be caused in other ways and develop over time. Depending on the severity of your joint injury, there are several treatment options. Some require surgery and others require chiropractic or physical therapy treatments. To be aware of your body and muscles, always have a sports physical done before the season starts. Click above to listen to Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nichole Roiko further explain this hip injury and what the best treatment options are.

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