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Bicep Tendonitis – Start with Conservative Treatment

Tendonitis is an inflammation or irritation in the tendons, and bicep tendonitis is very common. The bicep is the front part of your upper arm between your shoulderand elbow. Your bicep helps you to bend your elbow and rotate your forearm. Although bicep tendonitis can send a little sound a little scary, it can be cured. Most times bicep tendonitis is an acute condition, but the more you ignore the pain and work through it, the greater your chances are that it will become chronic pain. Bicep tendonitis can happen to anyone – regardless of how in or out of shape you are. A lot of athletes experience bicep tendonitis, especially those throwing, pushing, or pulling; sports like football, swimming, baseball, softball, tennis, etc. Other professionals the commonly form a tendonitis in their bicep are those who participate in a lot of overhead activity where their arms are extended above their shoulder for a long period of time, like painters or construction workers. If you start to feel pain or a burning sensation and notice inflammation in your bicep, always start with ice and resting. Tune in as Central MN Physical Therapist Dominic Turnerexplains other ways to treat bicep tendonitis and how you can prevent it.

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