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All About Runner's Knee

A very common injury ... runner's knee. Due to excessive impact on the knee, it isn't inclusive to athletes. People suffering from runner's knee often complain of anterior knee pain- a dull achy feeling, or pain that travels up and down the leg. It can be caused by an imbalance of muscles and tightness on  one side of the knee vs. the other. This tightness causes a tracking issue with that patella, or kneecap. In a healthy knee, the patella tracks up. In runner's knee, the patella tracks incorrectly out to the side causing pain and irritation. A lot of times, runner's knee develops over time. Physical therapy assessments will determine your knee issue as well as exercises and methods of rehab like kinesio tape for recovery. Tune in as Dominic Turner DPT lists the symptoms often present in runner's knee. 

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