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5 Tips for Shoveling Snow Safely

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Central Minnesota has luckily not gotten hit too hard with snow this winter, but who’s to say it won’t still happen? William’s Integracare wants you to be prepared with tips and tricks up your sleeve when the time comes to start shoveling. It might seem simple, but shoveling your driveway and walkways is an easy way to injure yourself.

Lower back, neck, shoulders, and elbows are all areas prone to injury due to shoveling snow incorrectly and without caution. The first tip for shoveling safety includes making sure to wear warm attire. Warm muscles are less likely to strain and get hurt. You can also prevent strains by warming up your muscles with stretching. Listen here with Dominic Turner, Physical Therapist at William’s Integracare, as he shares the other four tips needed to ensure the safest way to remove snow. 

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