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5 Fall Raking Tips Your Body Will Thank You For

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Fall is upon us, and so are the chores that come with the change of seasons. Yard work can lead to injury in your back, shoulders, elbows, and wrists if done incorrectly. Follow these helpful tips to mitigate the pain:

  1. Rake with the wind – let Mother Nature do her thing, and let the wind work for (not against) your cause.
  2. Use the right size rake – reduce strain on your body by using the proper equipment. If the rake is too short, it may cause unnecessary bending and twisting.
  3. Wear gloves – snug fitting gloves will help reduce blisters, be nice to yourself!
  4. Use a tarp – transport small piles with a tarp in lieu of constantly bending over to pick up piles of leaves.
  5. Take care of your body – know your limits, if you feel yourself wearing down, stop and resume tomorrow.

Listen to Dominic Turner, Physical Therapist on this segment of The Dr’s In for more advice.

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