We're Relieving Joint Pain Without Surgery

If you have been dealing with joint pain for a while, you have likely heard the word “surgery” come up in discussions of your treatment options. However, surgery may not be the only solution for your particular case.

At Williams Integracare our combined approach of family medicine, chiropractic, and physical therapy offers patients a unique treatment approach that can help patients recover without the need for costly surgery.

This all starts with an evaluation from one of our regenerative medicine providers. Here the provider will be able to evaluate the severity of your injury, determine if any additional X-rays are needed, as well as discuss your options for treatment.

If one of our regenerative medicine procedures is recommended for your care, you can take comfort in knowing both our Platelet Rich Plasma and Bone Marrow Therapy procedures are completed in-house in a single day.

After completing one of these procedures, it is recommended patients work with one of our physical therapists. Together your regenerative provider and physical therapist will collaborate to discuss your care and create a recovery path. Because our regenerative providers and physical therapists work in the same building they have easy access to communicate with each other when compared to the traditional practice of referring you to an outside provider.

Keep doing the things you enjoy!

Don’t let your joint pain hold you back from everything life has to offer.


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How effective is it?

We surveyed our PRP patients to see how much they improved after their procedure. Participants rated their function and pain on a numerical scale before and after the procedure, allowing us to see how effective their recoveries were on average (stats updated November 2020).



87% Function Increase
30% Pain Decrease


94% Function Increase
47% Pain Decrease
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63% Function Increase
34% Pain Decrease


48% Function Increase
37% Pain Decrease


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