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Jennifer Garding, DPT


Dr. Jenn believes in "playing life".  This is her motto both at work and home.  Being an injured high school athlete, including missing time and senior year, is what drives Dr. Jenn's passion for working hard with patients toward return to sport and/or life.   

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Dr. Jenn graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from The College of St. Scholastica in 2007 and has been treating individuals ranging from 8 years old to 101 years old, across the spectrum of inpatient, outpatient, home care, acute care and subacute care.  Dr. Jenn has become proficient in a wide variety of ailments, with special interests in vestibular conditions and concussion.  

Outside of Work

Outside of work, you can find Dr. Jenn spending time with her family and at the ball field. She enjoys watching any/all sports especially baseball, football, and hockey.

Dr. Jenn appreciates the time, energy, and hard work involved in rehabbing from an injury or from a disruption in normal function.  This is why she is invested in each and every patient she sees.  Dr. Jenn also focuses on avoiding re-injury and emphasizes need to prevent future injury with all patients.  

Dr. Jenn wants to help everyone she sees to be able to "play life" to the best of their abilities.

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