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If you have been dealing with joint pain for a while, you have likely heard the word “surgery” come up in discussions of your treatment options. However, surgery may not be the only solution for your particular case. 

At Williams Integracare in Sartell our combined approach of family medicine, chiropractic, and physical therapy offers patients a unique treatment approach that can help patients recover without the need for costly surgery.

This all starts with an evaluation from one of our family practice or chiropractic providers. Our staff will be able to evaluate the severity of your injury, determine if any additional X-rays are needed, and recommend options for treatment.

Offering a variety of natural and minimally invasive options for care.


Finding You the Best Treatment Option for Your Pain

Our providers routinely treat patients with injuries caused by accidents or the natural deterioration of joints. Because of our unique approach to holistic care our team of medical providers, chiropractors, and physical therapists is able to offer a variety of in-house treatment options to meet patients’ unique needs. 

platelet rich plasma joint pain relief
bone marrow therapy
steroid injections joint pain relief

What Results Have Patients Experienced?

We surveyed our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) patients to see how much they improved after their procedure. Participants rated their function and pain on a numerical scale before and after the procedure, allowing us to see how effective their recoveries were on average (stats updated July 2021). 

72% Function Increase
40% Pain Decrease
77% Function Increase
37% Pain Decrease
elbow icon stem cell therapy
67% Function Increase
36% Pain Decrease
47% Function Increase
38% Pain Decrease

Questions? Call Our Joint Pain Line: 320-339-5017

You have questions, our specialists have answers! With a simple phone call, they can help guide you through the process and better understand your treatment options.  

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