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Medicare Annual Wellness visits can be completed once every 12 months by Medicare patients at no-cost to the patient. Completing this appointment each year can help you review your medical history with your doctor as well as work together to build a health plan. 

These visits can be completed with one of our Family Practice providers.

A study in the journal of Health Affairs in 2018 found that less than 20% of Medicare patients actually attended these visits. It also revealed that only 23% of clinics even offered the visit to more than a quarter of their Medicare patients. 

The lack of publicity for these appointments combined with many clinics not offering them to their patients has resulted in a under use of this valuable visit. Williams Integracare is committed to providing these no-cost visits to our Medicare patients. 

What's Included?

Medicare Annual Wellness visits are different than a traditional annual physical. The focus of these visits is to complete a basic assessment of your health while planning appropriately for the future. 

Routine Metrics

Your height, weight, blood pressure, and other routine measurements will be checked as well as testing for hearing impairments.


Your appointment includes multiple key screenings, such as evaluating your risk of falls, dementia, and depression.

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Plan for the Future

Your provider will help you create a checklist of future additional screenings you will need in the next 5 to 10 years based on your health history. 

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