Treating both everyday injuries and devastating injuries.

Many auto and sports injuries come at the times you least expect – as a result, they often introduce difficulties to your otherwise regular daily routine. While many of us know the risks that come with driving or playing as a part of a sports team – few of us are prepared for the auto and sports injuries that arise. 

When it comes to vehicle accidents, most people usually say: “I never saw it coming.” Unfortunately, problems don’t end with the accident. Issues can continue for years – hidden pain and problems can flare up from previous injuries. Thus if you’ve already settled your insurance claim, you can be stuck with the pain and paying for it on your own.

Our expert physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractic specialists have treated countless accident-related injuries and are understanding of what you are going through. Together, we work towards your recovery as well as addressing your current issues, and helping you plan to avoid future complications.

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Auto and Sports Injury Insert

Staying on top of your game.

We understand how important it is to athletes to get back to the game they enjoy after an injury. We’ll make sure that you get back in the game safely, as well as help you to minimize the risk of future damage to joints, tendons, and tissues. We treat every aspect of your injury, whether it’s due to repetitive stress, such as “tennis elbow” or “runner’s knee,” or a traumatic event, such as a sprain or strain.

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